Lamb Cutlet



•Certified Organic by NASSA

•100 % pasture fed in Victoria.

•$14.99 per kilo.




•100% pasture fed in Victoria.

•Guaranteed tender, reaches MSA standards grade.

•$13.99 per kilo.


What is MSA?

MSA, or Meat Standards Australia are a governing body in Australia who grade meat on tenderness and flavour.  All MSA meat has reached or surpassed MSA stringent and numerous standards so it's guaranteed to be unreal.

At Harvey's we offer two grades of bulk lamb, Meat Standards Australia (MSA) organic lamb and MSA non-organic lamb (this is the lamb we sell over the counter).


Minimum order is half a lamb.  Half a lamb weighs approx 9 - 12.5 kilos.


Please note:  meat will come in approx 1kg bags (except the roasts).  You can have smaller quantities per bag, however there is a charge ($1 per kilo on total order) to cover the additional labour costs.


To order, please print the order form (see Bulk Meat menu) and email ( or fax us (4267 2372).  If you have any questions, please call us in the shop on 4267 2372, or email us.